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BrightonSEO – All the Presentations in One Place!

14 Apr , 2013  

Another BrightonSEO has come and gone, and as ever it was a great event with some great talks. This year Kelvin went a step further and opened a normally single track event to three tracks, with 2,000 online marketers attending. By running three tracks, meant that we were unable to see every talk, so I have collated all of the slidedecks in a single post. I will be continuing to update this post as more people put their decks online. Feel free to add the links to those decks in the comments below.

Track 1

Ask the Ex-Googlers Anything Panel

Hannah Smith

Lexi Mills

Paul Madden





Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Lightning Rounds | BrightonSEO Rap

Track 2

Aleyda Solis

Alex Moss

Alan Cairns

Dara Fitzgerald

Ali White

Nikki Rae

Anna Lewis

Nick Rinylo

Berian Reed



Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Lightning Rounds | BrightonSEO Rap

Track 3

Tim Grice

Ade Lewis

Peter Wailes

Lauren Pope


Ralf Schwoebel

Stefan Hull


Neil Walker


Kevin Gibbons

Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Lightning Rounds | BrightonSEO Rap

Lightning Round

Marcus Taylor

Alan Ferguson

Julia Logan


Sean Walsh

Pak Hou Cheung

Jennifer Begg

Track 1 | Track 2 | Track 3 | Lightning Rounds | BrightonSEO Rap

BrightonSEO Rap!

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7 Responses

  1. […] Brighton SEO talk on Social Structured Data here) – EDIT: Daniel Bianchini‘s Blog has a list of all the known slides put online. Plus it was great seeing so many friends, even if I do spend a large part of Sunday detagging […]

  2. BrightonSEO says:

    […] If you’re interested in seeing the slides for each of the presentations please click here. […]

  3. […] os quedáis con ganas de más, ya hay recopilaciones de todas las presentaciones de Brighton SEO 2013 y de las mejores herramientas […]

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  5. […] Bianchini zette alle presentatie decks en videos op een rij. De presentaties waren qua onderwerp erg verschillend maar de algemene trend was toch […]

  6. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for posting these! I’m new to this (just completed an seo training) and am thankful when I find so many resources in one place. Rare!

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