Who Dares, Wins! – The SEO Challenge

Who Dares, Wins! – The SEO Challenge

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Game On! It’s War! Your Going Down Punk! 🙂

In recent weeks, Shaad and I have been having a dual with our personal websites, in terms of who can rank highest for the query “Oxford Based SEO”. It has been a bit of fun and something that has provided us both with a bit of a laugh over the last few weeks.

So with that in mind, we are going to make the challenge a bit more interesting by targeting more Oxford SEO terms, including the following:

  • oxfordshire seo consultant
  • oxfordshire based seo
  • oxford based seo
  • freelance seo oxford
  • oxford freelance seo
  • seo consultant in oxford
  • seo consultant oxford
  • oxford seo consultant
  • oxford seo

Oxford SEO Consultant - Twitter Conversation

Each month I will provide an update to how the challenge is going, and who is winning. Below is a benchmark of my website for the local Oxford SEO terms.

  • oxfordshire seo consultant – Google UK = 1
  • oxfordshire based seo – Google UK = 2
  • oxford based seo – Google UK = 3
  • freelance seo oxford – Google UK = 4
  • oxford freelance seo – Google UK = 4
  • seo consultant in oxford – Google UK = 4
  • seo consultant oxford – Google UK = 5
  • oxford seo consultant – Google UK = 5
  • oxford seo – Google UK = 8

If you’re also an Oxford based SEO consultant or freelancer and want to take part in our little challenge then please let us know in the comments below.

Let the Challenge Commence!

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