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SEOmonitor – SEO Software Review

3 May , 2016  

With the ever changing landscape of the SEO world, it is essential to stay up to date or ahead of the curve. With so many providers offering different SEO software, it is essential that you regularly evaluate your SEO toolkit to ensure you have the equipment needed to help. As part of my tool review […]


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Google using New Labels within Mobile Search Results!

21 Apr , 2016  

I was researching the sad news of the passing of the artist formally known as Prince (RIP) when I came across what look to be new icons within the mobile search results. It has been quite a newsworthy day in the UK, so I conducted a few more searches and started to see these icons […]

Tool Review

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Tool Review: Linkdex New Platform

29 Mar , 2016  

Has anyone noticed that Linkdex has been looking a little bit different recently? I’ve been using the new platform for a month or so now, so having had time to explore all the features of the new interface. It’s no secret that in the past there have been some flaws with the platform, great data […]


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Getting a Grip: 3 Leadership & Business Books You Should Read

14 Mar , 2016  

My interest in business and leadership continues to grow, and with that has come an increase in reading around the topic. This has led to me reading three new books around the topic of leadership over the past three months, and as with my previous post 5 books I read on leadership and productivity, I […]


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3 Tactics to Futureproof SEO in 2016 & beyond

10 Feb , 2016   Video

This evening I had the pleasure of presenting on a Linkdex SEONow webinar alongside Chris Hart and Danny Goodwin. The topic of the session was SEO insights for 2016, following on from the blog post that I contributed to back in late December. Below are the slides that I presented to a great audience, followed […]


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New search adventures for 2016 – The 2nd Optimise Oxford

4 Feb , 2016   Gallery

Tonight was the second Optimise Oxford down at the St Aldates tavern with three excellent talks from Stephen Kenwright, Sean Butcher and Katie Bennett. Unfortunately I was unable to make the event this evening but followed on Twitter, and was lucky enough to see the slides prior to the night. Stephen Kenwright – Link Metrics […]

Digital Outreach Presentation

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Outreach Digital – The Changing World of SEO

13 Jan , 2016   Gallery

Last night I was invited to present at the Outreach Digital event held at WeWork in Soho. During my talk I discussed the changing world of SEO and how recent alogirthm changes have had a major affect on the landscape and how we conduct our work. From here I provided 7 tips that helped those […]


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6 Steps to turn BuzzStream into a CRM System

4 Jan , 2016  

Tools that have dual purposes are becoming extremely popular in businesses, especially those that are keeping an eye on costs. As with most agencies, sales is a major part of growing your business and ensuring that the company growth continues, meaning lots of money is spent of CRM software. Most will go with with recognised software […]

WeWork Labs in New York City

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Co-working Spaces – Limiting Digital Companies or the New Age?

31 Dec , 2015  

Co-working spaces have become extremely popular over the last few years with a number of companies such as We Work, Interchange & At Work Hubs offering space around the country. The biggest uptake in the co-working spaces seem to be within the tech field with start-ups, freelance operations and small agencies all taking advantage of […]