Daniel Bianchini - Digital Consultant (SEO, PPC, CRO & SM) & GA Expert

I am a Search Manager with SEOptimise in Oxford, UK. Prior to working at SEOptimise I worked as a Search Manager for a Search Marketing startup, where I helped start the agency after leaving DSGi (Currys, Dixons & PC World). I sometimes take on freelance SEO consulting jobs. If you are looking for SEO consulting then please feel free to get in touch and we can talk about your project.

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Kevin Gibbons
Founder of Quaturo

Dan is one of the leading technical SEOs
in the industry in my opinion. Very
strong background in search and is always looking to share and develop new ideas and strategies. He has done a great job in managing the SEO team, making sure that everyone is fully involved and understands what is expected of them.
Matt Lynch
Global Marketing Manager Trafalgar
Dan is very proficient, knowledgeable
and efficient in his SEO management processes, and has the support of a
superb team at SEOptimise. His advanced knowledge in Google Analytics and the Webmaster toolset is an advantage to any client. I appreciated his clear documentation, and clarity in recommendations.
Martin Brown
Online Marketing Manager Blacks PLC
Before hiring Dan as SEO Manger for blacks.co.uk we were limited to just brand terms within Google's search results. First of all putting a strategy in place Dan then delivered excellent results getting us to the top of Google for both broad and longtail keywords. Over the period of two years revenue dramatically increased from this area.

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